Online Flirting – With These 7 Tips You Will Never Go Wrong!

Online dating sites have transformed how we find love and romance by connecting singles from all walks of life. It speeds up the courting process by significantly reducing the time and effort you take to find a partner. Expert studies have revealed that couples who meet online get intimate within a short time of knowing each other. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a surprise because the current dating generation is more fascinated by speed and convenience.  

Dating Sites are The Flirting Haven  

Everyone deserves romance, and online matchmaking sites are the experts in romantic adventures. At this age of gadget this gadget that, the chance of bumping into the love of your life is almost zero. However, dating apps have reinvented the wheel by making it easy to flirt online and find a romantic partner. If you wish to pursue this route, here are some tips to boost your flirting game;   

1.Stick to the Objectives of Online Flirting 

Hitting it off with the right person is the goal, and flirting is your easy route to success. Teasing and expressing your intentions upfront should get you a date faster. Staying long in the chatting phase will fuel anticipation that might ultimately lead to your match losing interest. However, flirting lightens the mood, makes you seem interesting, and reduces tension on a date. Once your partner is comfortable, the conversation starts to flow smoothly. 

2.Don’t Overthink; Be Realistic 

Don’t worry too much about making a good impression; it will only worsen your situation. Overthinking leads to self-doubt and kill your ability to forge meaningful relationships. Once you find your ideal match, go to the next phase of chatting, flirting, and asking for a date. However, don’t expect to hit it off with the first person you meet on the site. Be realistic with your expectations; it is a surefire way to avoid disappointments. 

3.Be Yourself 

Meeting someone for the first time might make you focus so much on who you want to be that you forget your true self. There are a gazillion dating styles, so forget your obsession with Fifty Shades of Gray or trying to make it work for you. Being yourself will pull like-minded people towards you; that’s the law of attraction. So, the information on your dating profile should reflect your true identity. Lying, bragging, or exaggerating anything will kill any possibility of landing a perfect match.

4.Leverage the Power of Words 

Words are your cheat codes in the flirting game. Everything you say should be to make your date like you, cheer up, and fall in love. Avoid provocation, whether you’re commenting on a topic of interest, asking a question, or enquiring about their life. Be charismatic and charming to keep the conversation going. Also, don’t spend much time talking about yourself; give your partner time to talk.  

5.Know when to Continue or Ease Up on the Flirting 

Flirting isn’t a one-way street, and there are clear tell-tale signs you can rely on to know if you’re doing it right. If your flirtation stirs their emotions and makes them chatty, you’re great. Sometimes, they may not enjoy your flirts but cannot openly say it because they fear hurting you. So, be wise to change your tact or move on to the next person if they don’t reciprocate your energy.  

6.Make Your Message Exciting Using Emojis  

If you want to stand out from the crowd and impress your crush, emojis are a definite way to catch their attention. These captivating icons turn what would have rather been a boring message into a work of art. Emoji bring life and emotions to your messages, making your flirting efforts more effective.  

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand how the emojis may be perceived by someone from a different country, race, religion, or culture. Some icons like the eggplant or peach can send the wrong message about your true intentions. Additionally, emojis should not merely replace words but should complement your writing, especially at the initial stages of flirting. 

7.Flirt Over Topics They Enjoy 

You can find out more about your match’s interests on their profile. Use this information to find interesting topics to flirt over and possibly surprise them. Remember, other singles are trying to win them over, too, so you have to beat the competition by being irresistible.  


We are all guilty of spending a lot of time on the internet. However, you can turn some of this time into something productive, like finding the love of your life. You can also work to improve your flirting skills with the above strategies and back them up with some cheesy pickup lines. If you get this combination right, you can rest assured dates will be flocking your DMs at the snap of a finger.

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