What Are The Benefits No-Fault Accident in New Jersey?

As everyone knows, auto insurance coverage is a must for anyone who drives. Many individuals are uninformed that, in the case of an accident, every car insurance plan must include coverage for a number of accident benefits. This means that you are covered by your own auto insurance coverage, no matter who is at fault.  

The same is true for car property damage, which is protected by your own insurance policy. So what happens if you fail to carry your own insurance and are a passenger in an accident? For more information, contact a personal injury lawyer from Sattiraju & Tharney

Benefits of No-Fault Accident

The type of injury you sustained will impact the amount you are eligible for in accident compensation. 

  • The medical and rehabilitation limits for “minor injuries,” which usually involve sprains or strains, are incredibly modest at $3,500.  
  • Serious injuries above a simple sprain or strain fall within the category of non-catastrophic coverage, which is the next highest level. For example, a concussion or a fracture.  
  • Benefits for rehabilitation and medical care are limited to $65,000 for these injuries.  
  • Catastrophic injuries are the most devastating kind and include things like severe brain injury, paralysis, and limb loss.

Benefits for attendant care are also available to you. This means that you can receive money for help from a private caregiver or nurse if you are unable to do your daily living tasks, such as eating, drinking, and grooming. Benefits for medical and rehabilitation are included to the cap for these benefits. In this case, for non-catastrophic injuries, the total coverage for medical, rehabilitation, and attendant care benefits is $65,000.

I also want to talk about income replacement as a benefit. If you were working before the accident happened and your injuries prohibit you from working, you could be qualified for income replacement benefits, which would replace 70% of your total earnings up to a weekly cap of $400.

Additional benefits

If you get optional coverage or experience a catastrophic injury, you may receive additional compensation.

These include caregiver benefits and housekeeping benefits that pay for home help. These benefits cover the cost of hiring a caregiver to help you if you are the one caring for a family member.

How can you get access to all of these advantages that you could be eligible for after an accident

That, however, may be the tricky part. Insurance companies will constantly want to restrict your options and the amount they will pay, and some very particular guidelines and processes need to be followed.  

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