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Are you a big fan of reality TV? And of reality television personalities? Well, we totally understand. Television personalities do have the most glamorous lives even after the end of their shows. At the same time, some became so popular that it helped them shape their whole life. Take the Kardashians and Jenners as an example. If you happen to love this kind of personality, keep reading. We will tell you about one such person today who became very famous through a reality show and is still doing great in life. She did not fade away from the limelight after her show ended. But became even more relevant and somebody who people love to see on screen. Let’s get to know about Madison Lecroy Age, early life, career relationships, and net worth.

madison lecroy age

Who is Madison Lecroy?

In the list of famous television personalities, Madison Lecroy happens to be one. She is a beautiful woman that has her own business and an impressive social media presence. Let’s get to know more about her.

Madison Lecroy Age

This famous woman was born in South Carolina, the USA, on 6th October 1990. That makes her 31 years old as of 2022. And she has accomplished a lot in these three decades.

madison lecroy age

Madison Lecroy Early Life

Madison grew up in South Carolina. She did her schooling there, but the name of the school is unknown. Unlike a lot of people, she did not pursue a typical academic career. Lecroy went to Carolina College of Hair and Make-up. And this it’s no surprise that she is a successful Make-up artist now.

Speaking of family, Madison was born to Ted Lecroy and Tara Lecroy. She also has a sibling, Kacy Davis.

If we talk about her early life in detail, we have to talk about her son. Yes, she has a son named Hudson that she shares with her ex-husband, Josh Hughes. Hughes and Lecroy were married for five years before calling it quiet in 2015. The couple’s separation led to Madison getting Husdson’s custody. She is now a single mother and a graceful one.

There are many other details about her that we do not know as they have not been revealed to the public. Despite being a reality television star, Madison has managed to keep a lot of her life private, and that is quite impressive.

Madison Lecroy Career

This personality started her reality television life in 2015 with Southern Charm. In the second season of the show, she started as a guest. That made her somewhat popular, but not much. And she later came back in 2019 as a regular. And not only that, she came back as the love interest of Astin Kroll. Now, that gave her a lot of fame. People loved the couple. They started to trend together on websites and social media.

But to fans’ disappointment, the couple broke up soon. The excitement of seeing their relationship was over. But that didn’t make Madison fade away. She had made a name for herself. People loved her enough on the show to follow her just for her content. She got the love and support of her fans and followers even without the presence of Astin in her life.

And she built a social media personality out of it. Currently, she earns by doing brand deals and being consistent on her Instagram.

Besides, she’s a businesswoman now. She used to be a freelance make-up artist and hairstylist. But she has recently started her own salon, Maven. She is known for her hair styling talents. This new venture only makes her more successful.

Madison Lecroy Relationship

Many thought that after having several tumultuous relationships, maybe Madison would stay away from love. We do not know if she was looking for love. But love sure did find her. In a recent live stream, Madison admitted to being engaged. Apparently, she had been dating Brett Randle since April 2021. And they got engaged in October.

Madison said that she was so excited that it was still an overwhelming feeling after days. Madison added that her son, Hudson was really involved in the proposal and wanted it to be the best. According to what she had said on the stream, Randle took the three of them out for a fancy dinner and popped the question. The couple is set to get married soon.

madison lecroy age

Madison Lecroy Net Worth

Madison has a very high net worth For someone who wasn’t on television that much. She indeed was a reality television star at the right time and made her name and money. But she still strives to be more successful. Her business is proof that the woman is ambitious and not just another television star you can forget about. You cannot forget her, as she always makes it a point to stay relevant with her posts. Her stories are interactive and interesting, which gives followers a lot of content. Not to mention, her consistency with brand collaborations is also commendable.

All of this has enabled her to have an excellent net worth of over $1.5 million. And we only hope to see it go higher.

madison lecroy age

Final Thoughts

And this is where we will conclude our blog about Madison Lecroy age, family, career, relationships, and net worth. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog and learned something new about her. Madison happens to be a very well-known, successful person. She has made it both online and offline. This woman is thriving as a businesswoman and mother.

Check out Southern Charm if you want to see more of her. You can always follow her on Instagram as well.

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