11 ways to get your child physically active

The minimum recommended amount for a child to be physically active is 60 minutes. But the amount for their overall health is even higher. Unfortunately, many factors discourage children from being physically active. For instance, cold weather means snuggling up in a cozy blanket and watching TV. Increased screen time from video games or social media also keeps kids from being active. Lastly, as their grade increases, the burden of school and assignments increases too much for them to spend more time physically active. And this is not good. Being physically active is essential for improving their cognitive abilities, behavior, academic activities, and more. It also helps them burn off their energy and have a good nap or sleep. So, how do you encourage your child to be more physically active? Be creative with these tips.

Make them understand the importance of physical activity

It is not nice to thrust your child into something without them understanding its need. Take them to a doctor or counselor if you cannot help them understand why physical activity is necessary.

Basketball in the house

Put up a basketball hoop in your driveway. It will allow you and the child to play together. Basketball is a physically demanding sport. Even an hour of basketball can do wonders for your child’s health.

Add a trampoline

If you have a big backyard, think about adding a trampoline perfect for kids. It gives the kid a much-needed fun activity that helps them be physically active. Buy the best trampoline from Lifespan Kids and properly follow all the safety measures. After that, you will not worry much about the kids being active. They will love jumping up and down the trampoline or doing other fun stuff.

Go for a bike ride.

It can be a family thing. Go for a bike ride with your kids near the house. It helps all of you stay healthy, and riding a bike is an adventure that most kids will love.

Get them to walk the dog.

If you have a dog, it is the perfect way to get the kids physically active. Most of the time, they will love walking the dog. But if they do not, make it a chore and give them an allowance to walk the dog. A little motivation always helps. Walking the dog around the corner or to the park, which is safe, can even help the kids socialize.

Go on hikes

Make it a point to go hiking as a family over weekends or holidays. Hikes are physically demanding and fun. And you never know; you may encourage your child to become a hiker for life.

Encourage them to do yoga.

After six years of age, children are fit to do yoga. Getting your kids excited about yoga may not be challenging, as they love doing handstands or poses that look fun. Encourage them by telling them the benefits they will receive from yoga.

Walking or biking to school

If the school is nearby, forgo transportation. Instead, walk your child to school. They can walk or ride their bike or scooter to school when they are old enough. Coming and going to school on foot is the perfect way to get some exercise.

Do home improvement projects together

Another fun way to physically engage children is to do home improvement projects together. For instance, you can paint a bedroom together. It takes up a lot of upper-body strength. Or you can change the look of a home by moving furniture. Or even mowing the lawn is ideal.

Have a dance party

Start a dance party if the weather is too gloomy to do anything outside. Put on the music, have some incredible snacks, and groove to the music.

Teach them swimming

Swimming is a fun activity that all kids love. Also, it is ideal for their physical health. So, take them to swimming classes for kids or go to a pool. Concluding this blog with a tip, kids follow by example. If you spend much time on the phone, the kids will follow. Get up and hike with them or play ball with them. That will allow the children to be active while also bonding with you.


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