AutoZone Store Pickup: A Convenient Guide to Ordering Online and Collecting Your Auto Parts In-Store

When shopping online for auto parts, you often have to trade the speed of grabbing an item off the shelf for the convenience of shopping from your couch. However, that isn’t always the case. New options, including AutoZone store pickup, let you shop at leisure and then pick up in-stock items the same day. 

Placing an Online Order

It’s easy to use in-store pickup to get needed parts and supplies. In fact, it only takes a few simple steps. 

Select Your Local Store

Start your purchase by selecting your local store or the one you want to use for the pickup. Double check that the store is selected when shopping for the items you need and during the checkout process to avoid confusion when you arrive for pickup.  You can now browse and shop as you normally would. 

Check Product Status

As you shop, look at each item’s status. In-store pickup will be displayed as a shipping option when it is available. In some cases, you may need to look at several items to ensure availability. If an item is unavailable at your preferred store, you can check if it is available at another one nearby.

If you are unsure what to purchase, you might want to have a check engine light diagnostic performed to get a better idea. 

Select In-Store Pickup 

As you add items to your online cart, be sure to select “Free Store Pick Up” for each one. It is a good idea to double-check that choice during the checkout process, just in case you missed it earlier. You will get an email confirmation once you place your order. It’s that simple. 

Tips for a Smooth Store Pickup Experience

You can do a few things to make the pickup experience go a little more smoothly. The first of which is to check the order confirmation as soon as possible. If there are mistakes or you notice something off, let your local store know right away. 

Wait for Pickup Instructions

An order confirmation is not a sign to go to the store. You should wait for a notification that your order is ready for pickup. Depending on the conditions at your selected store, this can take a few minutes to a couple of hours. Once the email comes through, you can head to the store to get your items.

Head to a Service Counter

You’ll go straight to a service counter for order pickup. Bring your confirmation email, photo ID, and credit card so the store associate can verify your identity and the order status. In most situations, you will be in and out within a few minutes.  

Use In-Store Pickup To Keep Your Car Looking and Running Great

Whether you need cleaning supplies or a new Nissan Maxima Alternator, in-store pickup is a simple way to ensure you get the exact parts you need when you need them. It is a convenient shopping option that gives you the flexibility of shopping online but without the wait for new parts to arrive. Shop AutoZone to get started. 

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