Chris Distefano Dad: Who Is He & What Does He Do? Why Are People Talking About Him?

American comedian Christopher Paul Anthony Distefano is from the country. As a stand-up comedian on the MTV and MTV2 shows Guy Code and Girl Code, Distefano began his career in the entertainment industry. On May 5th, 2022, his second special, Speshy Weshy will make its Netflix debut. Christopher Distefano Comedy Central released Distefano’s first hour-long stand-up special, Size 38 Waist, in 2019. Distefano co-hosts the Hey Babe! Podcast with Sal Vulcano of the Impractical Jokers in addition to his show, Chrissy Chaos.

On August 26, 1984, Chris was born to Tony Distefano and his Irish-born wife. He was up in Brooklyn, New York, and later attended Hofstra University after Catholic School. Later, he began stand-up, which was followed by stage performances. All these details about his early life are to establish his upbringing and how his father made an impact on his lifestyle and career.

chris distefano dad

Chris Distefano Dad

Chris Distefano’s father, Tony Distefano, was a comedian as well and has retired now from the business. He is now a stay-home dad and is leading a happy life. Moreover, he mostly spends time with his grandchildren and seeing his son reach great heights. He is also an active church member and has been doing a lot of charity work as well.

Tony’s current lifestyle has set a good example of how to lead a happy life after retirement. In this article, we are going to take a deeper dive into the life of Tony Distefano in a more detailed manner. This is to flash light on the post-retirement life of this previous comedian, whose son, too, has been continuing the legacy of the father.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Tony Distefano has Italian origin. He began his comedy career in the early 1980s and has since been in numerous movies and TV shows. He has also written and produced a variety of comic shows, such as The Chris Distefano Show.

There are three kids between Tony Distefano and Chris’s mother, Donna. Having two sisters, Chris is the middle kid. Chris acknowledges the influence of his father in developing his sense of humor and the virtue of perseverance. According to Tony, his son has a natural sense of humor and takes great pride in his accomplishments.

The ambition to continue on his father’s tradition and seek a successful career in comedy has been acknowledged by Chris Distefano, nevertheless. Even the humor sense he was born with was attributed to his father. One of the key elements that have contributed to his comedy and success is the Italian-American upbringing he received from his father.

chris distefano dad

Accusations Against Tony Distefano For Being a Mafia Family Member

There is no conclusive solution, and Tony Distefano, the father of Chris Distefano, has neither verified nor denied his affiliation with any mafia group. There are, nevertheless, some thought-provoking theories out there. Tony Distefano may be connected to the Gambino crime family, according to some. One of the most well-known and powerful mafia groups in America is the Gambino family.

Others, though, think Tony Distefano might be connected to the Genovese crime family. Another one of the most powerful mafia families in America is the Genovese family. Chris’ success may be explained if Tony Distefano was associated with them. Whatever the case, Tony Distefano, Chris Distefano’s dad, is quite enigmatic. It is unknown whether he is a member of any mafia gang, but it is probable.

However, the accusations are still not verified or denied by any authority. One can think of the accusations against him as a result of his Italian descent. For ages, Italian crime families have had their monopoly over the underworld of deep-rooted crime syndicates. So, there seems to be little reason why he was accused so.

Chris, despite all these accusations, respects his father for his commitment to his family and hard work. He also attributes his sense of humor and capacity for laughter to his father. Chris is happy to be his father’s kid and adores him.

Incidents Chris Distefano Dad

Chris calls his father someone with the right intention but wrong moves. He recalls many such incidents about his father when he was very young. These incidents make him a complicated man to be understood.

He says once his dad Tony came to pick him up from his mother’s (Tony’s ex-wife) house and found his ex-wife crying over a guy she dated. The guy had started dating another woman after he broke up with Chris’s mother. The new woman lived right across the street from his mother’s place. This made Tony go across the street, bring that man out of the woman’s home, and beat him badly.

Another such incident, as recalled by Chris, is when his father got into a heated argument with his school’s headteacher to evoke his expulsion from school. This was due to Chris crying and eventually breaking a chair in the class when the other students made fun of him. He thought his mom had died from the World trade center attack where she worked. Tony threatened to break the headteacher’s kneecaps later on.

chris distefano dad

Changes in Chris Distefano Dad and life after his retirement

Tony Distefano has always been seen rolling with the wrong people and it had effects on his life as well. He has had gambling debts, beaten up people, even got beaten himself, and has even served jail sentences. However, there is good inside everyone. As time has passed by, he has left behind all these and is now leading a regular everyday life.

Chris describes him as a wife-made person and credits his mom for the change in his dad’s heart. However, Chris still jokes about his father in several of his shows. He recently mentioned sarcastically that if one wishes to see the real side of his father, then one needs to visit the Yankees game with him in the late 1980s, where the Yankees losing used to rage him up in an extreme manner.

He has now indulged himself with Church and does a lot of charity work. And he even spends time with his grandchildren and is a family guy now.

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