Great apps you can use to clean and speed up your iPhone

The iPhone is an excellent device that’s widely known for being extremely easy to use. But even this great device is not going to work very well in the long term. It accumulates a lot of clutter and it will unfortunately slow down. Using apps to clean and speed up your phone is a great idea. These are great and can provide an excellent experience and quality. 


Cleaner does an excellent job at helping you identify and remove clutter from your device. It will also make it easy to recuperate a lot of resources like your memory. The interface is very good and it certainly delivers an excellent result, while also saving plenty of time.

Smart Cleaner

There are lots of great things to like about the app. Its interface is great and they do an excellent job at outlining everything you need in a way that’s consistent and very high quality. The benefit with the app is that you can lean into automatic cleaning, but also take matters into your own hands with manual cleaning. That’s why it’s an excellent tool to consider, and the value is certainly among some of the best on the market.

Phone Cleaner

With this app you can do a lot of cleaning tasks like the other applications do. But unlike the others, this one also helps you clear the app cache. It can identify and remove duplicate photos, and it also makes it easy to manage contacts and so on. All these things make the experience cohesive and consistent, and the quality you get can be exceptional. All in all, it’s a great cleanup tool that’s also really easy to use.

Easy Cleaner

Easy Cleaner helps remove pretty much any duplicate and unwanted items. The thing it does very well is it also removes contacts without specific info, along with duplicate images, contacts and emails. It can be hard to remove clutter and keep things under control, but this is what this app does best, and you will find it to work extremely well.


Cleanfox does an excellent job at automating the cleaning process. The thing it does very well is it allows you to scan the phone for any issues and then you can solve them properly. It helps immensely and it will give you that kind of value and quality that you do not want to miss. And on top of that, you can sort what you want removed very quickly. It’s excellent and totally worth giving it a try for yourself.

Removing clutter from your phone is not a hassle as long as you have the right tools. That’s why we highly recommend giving it a try for yourself and ensure that you focus on keeping the process convenient and consistent. Rest assured that these apps can help you remove all the clutter, and they will make your iPhone run quicker and without issues. It’s a very good idea to test them out for yourself, and the experience can be extremely good in the long term. 

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