How many exams are there in CCNP Data Centre Certification?

You can become professionally qualified for job responsibilities in Cisco data centre technology by earning the CCNP Data Centre certification. You can now scale your data centre infrastructure with the help of automation and programmability in CCNP Data Center.

By enabling new applications & enterprises that connect people, devices, and machines, technological advancements are creating more data than ever. Data centre teams may use automation to scale and safeguard their infrastructure with intent-based networking. Today’s data centre workers require a wider range of abilities and a deeper emphasis in important technology areas in order to take advantage of these opportunities. You get exactly that depth and breadth from the CCNP Data Centre certificate program.

Your proficiency with data centre solutions is demonstrated by obtaining CCNP Data Centre certification. You must pass two examinations to become certified as a CCNP Data Centre, one covering core data centre technologies and the other allowing you to choose a data centre concentration to match your specific area of interest.

Enterprise-sized data must be created by experts who can put practical solutions into place in enterprise-class data centres. Your ability to manage an efficient data centre is demonstrated by your Cisco CCNP Data Center certification.

On the DCCOR exam, you can demonstrate your expertise in the application of key data centre technologies like network, calculate, storage network, automation, & security. You can also highlight your area of expertise with an intensity exam of your choice. You must pass both tests to become certified.


The purpose of the exam is to evaluate candidates’ knowledge and expertise in small- to medium-sized business branch network installation, operation, and troubleshooting. The candidate must be an expert in every subject covered in the exams. You can check my source and websites that offer information about it for further details.

It has a duration of 90 minutes and contains 50–60 questions. The candidate has the option of speaking in either English or Japanese. It is a composites paper that is connected to the CCNP data centre accreditation and enables the candidate to construct the paper using Cisco Networking.

Ways to become ready?

Numerous websites provide guides and study materials for preparing for these tests, but it’s crucial that you pick the reliable resources that will help you perform well. Choose reading material that is based on questions and answers that are both technically sound and well-written. For ideal practise, it is created by creating full-length practise sample tests.

  • Providing resources that can be used to achieve high exam scores
  • Giving you scoring reports to help you concentrate on your study time
  • Teaching time management skills to boost self-confidence
  • Integrating with the whole justification and the beneficial sources with precise citations.
  • Question kinds and item distribution to increase the degree of complexity

What is the exam’s cost schedule?

If you’re planning to apply for the course, you should be aware of the Cisco 350-601 exam price. The pricing schedule varies and is always changing. It is crucial for students to review the most recent tuition structure online.

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