How to get the best odds every time you bet

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Sports betting has taken off in the United States, with an ever-increasing number of states voting to remove the controversial ban on betting. The 2023 Super Bowl figures showed the match was the most-watched and most-bet-on NFL deciding game ever seen. The stadium in Arizona was packed to capacity, boosted by the millions worldwide choosing to follow the play on television or available live streaming apps.

We saw millions of wagers placed on the outcome of February’s game involving the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles. That game went down to the wire, with the Chiefs winning by 38 points to 35. Bets were placed before kick-off, but American sports fans are beginning to realize and appreciate the value of in-play betting. The best betting sites online allow customers to wager from anywhere in the world using their smartphone app.

Join the betting frenzy

Did you get in on the action and back a winner in the 57th Super Bowl? Perhaps you noticed the betting frenzy, but either betting isn’t legal in your state, or you need to figure out how to gamble on the game. This article is here to help. Our team of sports gambling experts is here to assist, aiming to give readers the knowledge to help launch an assault on the bookies and target a profit. Learn the skills and tricks used by professionals.

There are many factors to consider when attempting to land a winning bet, but this article focuses on one of the essential features. That’s getting the market’s best price on every bet you place. As any experienced gambler knows, the small margins in odds can make a massive difference to your profit and loss column during the year. This article explains how you must get the most generous odds in the betting market.

Suppose you back a winner at odds of +500, and the profits are added to your account balance. That’s excellent news for sports fans. But when is a winning bet not worth celebrating? When you could have had greater odds through another sportsbook simply by shopping around. If you backed a winner at +500 with your betting app and a friend made the same prediction, but their bookie is offering +750, you’ve dropped the ball.

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Why it’s essential to get the best price

The bigger the odds, the more profit you have when you land a winning bet. Taking anything less than the top price hands yet another advantage to the bookies, and we already know they hold all the aces. Online sportsbook betting is far from a level playing field, but the higher odds help give you a fighting chance.

Market best price – also known as top price – is the most generous quote in the gambling industry. If all bookies offer +400 on your bet, but one app gives +500, you know which firm to manage your bets. That +100 difference between bookies isn’t eye-catching on its own, but if you were to get an extra 100 points on every bit, you’d soon notice the difference.

Where to find the top odds

How do you find the best odds? You can visit all major betting apps and compare their offers, but there’s a better way. Access any respected betting odds comparison app to arrive at the top price quickly. It takes just a few minutes to complete.

When you have a bet in mind and your usual bookie offers odds, you can visit the comparison app to see the prices shown by all bookies. The most generous will be bold, helping you get the best from your stake. The bookie with the bold odds is the one you should gamble with every time.

How to most generous odds each time

It pays to open an account with as many online bookmakers as possible. This approach increases your chances of getting the best odds and gives you a free bet on each app you join. This is known as a welcome bonus.

Having an account with multiple bookies gives multiple free bets and means you will likely be registered at the app that’s offering top prices on all your bets.

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