How to make human hair clip-in extensions last longer?

Are you looking for hair extensions and unsure which one to pick? In that case, If you want to add length and volume human hair clip in hair extensions are the ideal option. But, if you’ve tried them before, you’ll know how handy they are and can be easily integrated. The good news is that your clip-in hair extensions can last longer with some care.

Use a soft-bristled brush to minimize your hair extensions getting tangled.

Take your extensions out of the packaging and wait a while for the adhesive to become more flexible before brushing them. Once they are ready, gently brush through each section of hair extension with a soft-bristled brush designed for human hair extensions.

You must use a brush designed specifically for them. You should also avoid using bristles on your brushes as these can cause damage when used incorrectly or too harshly.

Wash your hair extensions gently and only when necessary

Although routinely washing your extensions can be a pain, it’s essential to do so to keep them looking excellent. How often you clean them depends on how much they are used. Washing once every four weeks should be sufficient if they only get worn once or twice a month.

To wash the extensions:

  • Shampoo the wig with a gentle shampoo designed for human hair. Using a conditioner is also a good idea. Some people find their hair softer after applying extra moisture and conditioning agents.
  • Rinse thoroughly under warm running water until all traces of shampoo are gone.

Dry your hair extensions correctly.

When you receive your extensions, the first thing you should do is towel-dry them. Drying will help to stop the heat from damaging your extensions and prolong their life expectancy. It’s also essential to refrain from using a hairdryer or comb while wet, as this can damage your newly installed clips.

  • Use hair oils to keep your hair extensions in good condition
  • Use an oil that is suitable for your hair type
  • Apply small amounts of oil to the tips
  • Massage the oil into your scalp, then through each strand of extensions as you wash them
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water

Tie up your hair each night to minimize tangling

Tying up your hair each night to minimize tangling is another way to ensure that your extensions last longer. You can do this by tying up your hair sections in the front, middle, and back in a loose double knot.

Purchase a silk pillowcase to lessen friction

To reduce friction between hair and pillowcase, invest in a silk pillowcase. Silk can lessen friction that might lead to knots and breakage while also assisting them in maintaining moisture from cosmetics and natural oils. Silk pillowcases are silky, which causes your hair to experience less friction and last longer.

Caring for your clip-in hair extensions

Caring for your clip-in hair extensions can make them last longer, keeping them looking healthy and shiny.

When applying glue onto a section of the extension, use an old brush or comb to drag it through each strand gently. Brushing this way will help ensure that no part of the extension touches anything but itself during application which means less chance of damaging its integrity over time due to friction against another surface such as skin or clothing, etcetera.

Bottom Line

Now you must have gotten some inspiration to maintain your human hair clip in hair extensions. Using them can be a terrific method to shorten the time it takes you to style your hair while also maintaining the health of your natural hair.


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