How to Use the Strategies in Blackjack Online 

This is one of the most requested games in the world of gambling. Reason one — the rules are quite simple. Reason two — you have high odds to win. Reason three — people have been playing blackjack for more than 300 years. But when the gambler has just started, he usually has many questions. How to play online blackjack? Which next step would be better? What is the winning strategy? Let’s find it out.

The Winning Strategy: Does It Exist?

Sure, every player feels frustrated when he loses at blackjack. But many players have yet to learn that how they consistently win depends on their skills and cunning. Blackjack relies on mathematical probability. That means your odds are high, almost always. So, what can we do to improve our skills?

Let’s Start from the Beginning

First of all, before beginning an online game, you must visit There is a set of game rules on each gambling site, and for a successful match, you must know it. You can use the help option anytime you need as well.

To play properly, learn the basics and professional gamblers’ tips. You can also make a blackjack chart based on your chosen strategy. Why is it so important? Playing without any tactic you can win if you will get lucky. However, when you don’t realize what you’re doing, you will just throw away your finances.

Now, if you do your first steps — you should begin with free blackjack online . Usually, the casinos have a demo version of the games, so you can enjoy risk-free practicing. It’s a perfect opportunity not only for beginning gamblers. Are you a seasoned card player? Then this demo version will help you to refresh your skills. It is also an excellent opportunity to try a new tactic without risking money.

Tips for a More Successful Game

By using a smart strategy, you can increase your odds in blackjack. Seasoned gamblers have their tricks in card games. Here we name a few tips which will be helpful in your blackjack game.

Start with 12 or 13 — Lucky You

Beginners usually prefer to take the third card if they have on their hands a total of 12-13 from the start. However, it’s a widespread mistake. Remember, you are trying to win in the game of known quantities. Well, you have 12 or 13 and see the first dealer’s card. His hold-card probably is 10 (because it’s a value of ten, King, Queen, and Jack). This way, you can predict his most likely starting hand.

Let’s keep thinking. For instance, the dealer has a faceup card from 4 to 6. So, his starting total is from 14 to 16. And he probably will take the third card, which could mean a bust for him.

Double down if You’ve got a Total of 11

A good way to win more money is to double down your bet. There are several situations when this step will be quite reasonable. For example, if you got the first two cards in a total of 11, always double down before taking the third card. Be careful if the dealer has an ace. But if he has any other card – double the bet bravely.

So, you hold 11, and your third card will most likely give you 10. It is a chance for you to win with a total of 21. Isn’t that great? Even if you receive 8 or 9, you can finish with 19 or 20.

Do Not Take Insurance

In some variants of this card game, the dealer can offer to make an insurance bet when he has an ace. Yes, it is an opportunity to protect your money from blackjack. Sounds perfect, but it is not. Especially not in the long run. Because the dealer’s chance of getting «21» is not so high.

Do Not Split Tens

One of the methods to increase your odds is splitting a pair. It can make your odds higher. But it would help if you did not split tens. Why? The explanation is quite simple — it is not necessary to risk more money, you hold the potent combination. It is probably already a winning hand.

Use General Recommendations

Practicing a responsible online blackjack game is an intelligent method of playing. That is an essential strategy as well. Of course, all games favor the gambling house to some degree. What does that mean? You can mathematically guarantee a loss if you are playing for quite a long time. That is why it’s essential to follow the recommendations:

  • A strict budget. Define the amount you can lose painlessly, and immediately stop playing if it’s happened.
  • No chasing losses. It is very often a situation when trying to return lost money, the player loses even more. Just keep yourself within your budget.
  • A strict limit of time. Don’t let betting replace other things in your life. It will help if you control your time in the online casino.
  • Keeping track of bets. It’s good to note all your bets to control spending on gambling sites or in a real casino. 

Following these recommendations helps players to avoid gambling problems and makes the game more exciting and fun.

Try Your Strategies with King Billy

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