Love Oysters? Here Are Various Ways to Prepare Them

If you love oysters, you are definitely in for a treat here. In this blog post, we will discuss different ways to prepare them. There are many different ways to enjoy these delicious shellfish, and we will cover a few of our favourites. Whether you like them fried, baked or grilled, we have a recipe for you.

So, get your fresh oyster ready and we’re about to learn some amazing recipes!

  1. Fried Oysters

For those who love fried foods, this is the perfect way to prepare an oyster. Simply mix together flour, salt and pepper and then dip your oyster into the mixture. Once coated, fry it in a lightly oiled pan until golden brown. Serve with lemon wedges for added zing!

  1. Baked Oysters

This delicious dish is sure to make your taste buds sing! Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees F (175 C). Place your shucked oyster on top of a bed of rock salt — just enough to keep them level but not buried — and top with butter, garlic and herbs of your choice. Bake for around 10 minutes or until the edges are lightly browned.

  1. Grilled Oysters

For a smokier, BBQ-style oyster, try grilling them. Brush your shucked oysters with some melted butter and place on the preheated grill. Grill for around 8 minutes or until the edges are lightly charred. Serve with lemon wedges, parsley and cracked black pepper for added flavour.

  1. Oyster Stew

This classic dish is perfect for a comforting dinner. In a large pot, heat butter and sauté onion, celery and garlic until softened. Add two cups of half-and-half cream, two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and a pinch of salt and pepper. 

Simmer for 10 minutes before adding your shucked oysters and then simmer for another 8 minutes or until the edges start to curl. Once done, you can serve it warm with rustic crusty bread.

  1. Raw Oysters

For true oyster purists, the classic way is to simply eat them raw. Depending on your preference, try shucking the fresh oyster and adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice or a splash of mignonette sauce. Enjoy their briny flavour as you slurp them down!

  1. Oyster Rockefeller

This dish is a real crowd pleaser! Start by preheating your oven to 500 degrees F (260 C). Place shucked oysters on their shells in a shallow baking pan filled with rock salt. Top each oyster with spinach, bacon and Parmesan cheese. Then, bake the oysters for about 10 minutes or until the edges are lightly browned. Serve warm with crusty bread or crackers. (Ambien)

  1. Oyster Fritter

Another great way to enjoy oysters is in a fritter. Simply mix together your favourite fritter batter and add chopped shucked oysters. Heat some oil in a large pan over medium-high heat and scoop tablespoonfuls of the mixture into the hot oil. Fry until golden, then drain on paper towels before serving.


There you have it; seven delicious ways to prepare oysters. No matter if you like them fried, baked or raw, there’s a recipe for you. So, the next time you’re in the mood for some oysters, try one of these recipes and enjoy!

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