Movies to Watch if You are an Artist

There is nothing worse than knowing you want to express something but not being able to do it, whether it is through writing, drawing, knitting, or any other art. It can seem like there will never be an end to a creative slump. 

Although being artistic is half the fun, waiting for inspiration can sometimes be unbearable. Maybe watching a good movie or a good TV show will help you find your muse if you are getting tired of waiting around. You can at least pass the time by watching a movie or episode of a television show even if it doesn’t directly inspire you to create.

You may not know this, but most great movies and shows about the creative process focus on writers – don’t ask us why – but what helps them overcome their writer’s block can also help you succeed in other creative fields. Before you try desperate measures to get your creative mojo back, give a few of these amazing movies a watch. 

Get some popcorn and drinks because you are about to watch some of the most inspirational movies of all time. Not to mention, your internet connection must be steady and fast as you will have to stream most of these movies online. 

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Lust For Life

Vincent van Gogh’s dedication to art consumed him, ultimately leading to his death. He returned to his father’s house after being rejected by the woman he loved obsessively because his social activism was detested by the religious leaders.

His trials and tribulations led him to discover painting. He was voluntarily admitted to a mental hospital a few years after experiencing hallucinations and seizures. When he realized that he would never be able to paint what he saw, he shot himself in despair. His life is beautifully captured in this beautiful movie.


Salma Hayek plays Mexican Surrealist painter Frida Kahlo in this graphic biopic about her controversial and tragic life. The actress was married to Alfred Molina’s philandering artist Diego Rivera. The outrageous and legendary duo became Mexican history’s most acclaimed artists together.

A major theme of the film is that Frida was a great painter who overcame disability. After having polio as a child, Frida was hit by a bus at the age of 19, shattering her spring and pelvis. This movie doesn’t dwell much on the darker side of her character – her narcissism, hypochondria, and drug abuse.

Both Kahlo’s private and public life are depicted in this wonderful film. The film takes place during a time of political strife in Mexico, which enhances its emotional impact. It’s a delight to see Kahlo’s personal and unflinching paintings woven into her story and given the attention they deserve.

The works and inspirations she had at her earliest age can be seen here. All her lovers and loves will be there for you to see. It was Frida who followed Rivera’s example of philandery.


Girl with a Pearl Earring

Scarlett Johansson plays Griet, a young maid who served Johannes Vermeer (Colin Firth) in his house. The famous Dutch painter Vermeer painted manikins and then adorned them with faces. However, he painted Griet in response to a request from Van Ruijven, a rich patron. 

In contrast to Vermeer’s other paintings, which were usually painted near his studio window, this painting was very different, taking up much of the wall space. In addition to being one of his most well-known works, it was also one of his most successful.

There were ten nominations for the British Academy Film Awards, three for the Academy Awards, and two for the Golden Globe Awards for the film.


A bad boy from the Baroque era is the main character in this story. His life was filled with violence and intrigue. Possibly, he murdered a man and then killed himself. The paintings he created were a reflection of the dramatic life he lived. 

The chiaroscuro he used in his paintings as well as the emotional, naturalistic renderings he incorporated revolutionized the art world. This British drama fictionalizes the turbulent life of artist Caravaggio. He is followed through Rome’s streets by Tilda Swinton and Sean Bean in the movie.

He used prostitutes and homeless people as models for his religious paintings. Due to his reckless behavior, his patrons ostracize him and he dies young. You will get to learn a lot about history and painting from this film. 

Wrapping Up

That is all we have for you. We hope you enjoy watching these movies and get inspiration to create better art at the same time. If you still have any questions, please write them in the comments section below. 



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