Seychelles: Benefits of Company Incorporation

Why do entrepreneurs choose to register companies in offshore jurisdictions? Some of them are in search of more beneficial conditions for their business, like lower (or zero) tax rates, enhanced asset protection, or easier access to international markets. Others are concerned about risk diversification, so they establish an offshore company as part of their Plan B: they make full arrangements for possible relocation, like a foreign company, a bank account abroad, and economic citizenship in another country.

In this post, we will have a look at Seychelles, a really convenient financial hub for offshore business registration that has created a pro-business environment to attract foreign entrepreneurs. Read a full article on easy Seychelles company registration on our International Wealth portal and make an informed decision.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact the portal specialists. We help entrepreneurs start offshore companies and open accounts, and we also provide support while the company is operating. Some of our services are free – for example, we know how hard it may be to correctly make an overall analysis of your situation and opt for a particular destination to register your company in. This is a popular service that we provide free of charge – all you need is to click on the above link and book a session.

Seychelles Offshore IBC or Partnership: Advantages

Why should you choose Seychelles rather than any other jurisdiction? Let’s look at what it can offer to foreign entrepreneurs:

  • Save on the registration fees: Seychelles offers low-cost IBC or partnership incorporation.
  • Zero taxes. Your company will be absolutely tax-exempt if you meet two requirements: the activity you conduct is not licensed and you derive 100% of your profit outside Seychelles.
  • High privacy standards. If confidentiality is important to you and you want to keep your identity secret, Seychelles is a good choice: there are no requirements for disclosing the details of shareholders, directors, or business owners. You can also legally use a nominee director to enjoy the highest privacy level imaginable.
  • Starting is easy! The requirements for a newly-formed company are very modest: you can launch your activities with 1 share that costs $100 (and this will be your authorized capital!). This is good news for those who are not prepared to invest large amounts in the initial capital.
  • Seychelles is on the white list! You probably know that some offshore jurisdictions are on the OECD blacklist as they fail to meet some international requirements. Seychelles is a fully compliant country, so you will have no restrictions on this part.
  • Quick company registration. Companies in Seychelles are incorporated by registered agents, and documents are considered by the authorities within no more than 5 working days upon submission! Take advantage of the offer as it is really quick.
  • You will not be subject to obligatory currency control or physical presence requirements.
  • Seychelles is a place of social and economic stability, which is really beneficial for businesses (especially now that the world is being shaken by different events).
  • Organize company meetings in any country as there is no obligation to hold them in Seychelles.
  • If you decide to repatriate the company capital, you will be able to do so without paying any duties.
  • There are islands dependent on the UK or European Union in making decisions. Seychelles is not, so it can create its own regulations that will bring the highest benefits possible to non-resident investors and entrepreneurs (and it actively does).

Seychelles is an opportunity not to miss, and we highly recommend the destination to our customers after analyzing their situation (there are cases when other jurisdictions would be more appropriate).

Company Incorporation in Seychelles: Steps to Take

Company Name

First of all, we recommend thinking of several options as you will have to reserve a unique name in the local register, and it may happen that the name you suggested is unavailable. If it is available, we will reserve it for you!

The name you come up with should:

  • Somehow describe your business operations
  • Remain appropriate as your company is developing
  • Catch attention and resonate with the audience you are targeting

Remember to add a suffix: Corporation (Corp.), Limited (Ltd), or Incorporated (Inc.).

Local Representatives

You will need to take care of the following to successfully register your company:

  • Find a reliable registered agent to deal with your case
  • Obtain a legal address in Seychelles
  • Find a resident director who will run your company using your instructions

These procedures are mandatory, and you can get in touch with us for help: we have time-proven local partners who will handle all this.

Preparing Documents

A prospective company owner usually has to collect and submit some standard documents, like passports and passport photos for company directors and shareholders, a letter of recommendation from a bank, and a detailed business plan. The exact list may change from time to time, so you’d better check it up with International Wealth experts.

We will help you properly execute the documents and correctly fill out the forms by checking the whole package thoroughly. This way, you will avoid any delays or risks of being turned down.

You will need to personally sign the corporate documents or do so by proxy.

Obtaining the Approval

The documents can be submitted to the local authorities as soon as they have been signed. If everything is in order (and we will take care of it), you will get a fully-operational Seychelles company within no more than 5 business days. All the corporate documents, like the Articles of Association and the Certificate of Shares, will be sent to you by mail.

Opening a Bank Account

Most companies do not have a ready-to-use corporate account, so they have to open one. You can do so in Seychelles, in your home country, or in a third country. Which option is better? Well, it depends on your particular situation. Contact our experts to get professional advice – we choose the jurisdiction for free.

Registration with Local Tax Authorities

Finally, you will need to obtain a Seychelles tax identification number, and this service is included in our standard company incorporation package.

At this stage, most customers still have questions or doubts about Seychelles. And that’s OK! Simply get in touch with us by clicking on the above link, and we will clarify everything!

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