Sixty-day preparation strategy for SBI PO

A job in the State Bank of India is a dream for many individuals in the country, and every year, lakhs of students appear for the SBI PO to accomplish their career goals. 

The demand for the prestigious position has been heaving every year, and candidates should devise a curated strategy to finish up the learning successfully. This article will shed light on the practical learning methodologies to wrap up your exam preparations within two months.

From study materials to revision materials, you will require everything in place. Revision resources like the SBI po question paper can be downloaded from a reputable website before commencing the exam preparation.

Two months strategy

Candidates who are all geared up to complete the exam preparations within sixty days can utilise the below strategy. As you know, the demand for bank exams is high, and the cutthroat competition in the banking sector necessitates every aspirant to say ahead of the contenders. Some candidates don’t utilise their time well and regret not preparing well for the exams.

First thirty days of SBI PO exam preparations

  • The first and foremost step is to precisely get acquainted with the SBI PO exam. You should be aware of the necessary details from the syllabus to exam patterns and test duration. After going through the syllabus and pattern, you will get an understanding of the SBI PO exams.
  • When you scrutinise the syllabus, it will help segregate the strong and weak topics. After differentiation, create a study schedule for the entire month. Give preference to important topics and prepare every section properly.
  • Start reading regularly, which is one of the best ways to improve your English. You should cover all the crucial topics from vocabulary to grammar and comprehension skills.
  • In the initial stage of exam preparations, keep yourself posted by following the news. It will help you gain knowledge for the General Awareness section in the Mains exam pattern. Whether you watch the news or read the newspaper, staying up-to-date with the current affair is crucial.

The next thirty days of SBI PO exam preparations

  • The following month should be utilised for revision when you have learned well in the first thirty days. 
  • Practice questions from essential topics you learned in the first phase of preparation. You can solve various mock tests but ensure you include the SBI po question paper. The previous years’ question papers are crucial for your exam preparations.
  • When studying, you would have made notes. These notes will play a crucial role in the revision phase. It is hard to go through the entire syllabus, and you should utilise the notes during the last leg of preparations. 
  • Start the topic revision and make use of the notes correctly. As specified earlier, you should continue following current affairs regularly. If you have less time to follow up with the news, concentrate more on banking and financial matters.

All the sixty days of your exam preparations matter a lot. Stay committed to the study schedule and follow up with time table throughout the learning phase. The above tips will help you finish the learning on a successful note.

Wrapping up

If you have completed the exam preparation within sixty days, you can confidently gear up to face the SBI Po exams. Make sure you manage time during the exam and allocate time for all the sections separately. There is a negative marking for incorrect answers, so you should have high accuracy rates in solving the questions.

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