Top BBC iPlayer Shows for Your Viewing Pleasure

There is a vast array of hidden gems waiting to be explored within the iPlayer archives. Don’t think you’ve reviewed everything. Here are some good BBC shows to watch that will open the world of entertainment for you. Among them are good drama shows, as well as thrillers, comedies, horror, and other genres.

#1 Killing Eve

In her second critically acclaimed show, Phoebe Waller-Bridge presents a captivating storyline revolving around the intriguing character of Eve (played by Sandra Oh). Tasked with hunting down the psychopathic and charismatic killer, Villanelle (portrayed by Jodie Comer), this outlandish creation showcases Waller-Bridge’s exceptional writing skills.

#2 Luther

Idris Elba, renowned for being named People magazine’s sexiest man alive in 2018, takes on the captivating role of a troubled detective in Luther. This enthralling detective thriller draws comparisons to the compelling series Hannibal on Netflix. Following a brilliant investigator who battles his inner demons which parallel those of the murderers he pursues, Luther presents a foreboding and desolate portrayal of London. In this chilling narrative, the city becomes haunted by sinister serial killers donning clown masks as they mercilessly strike their victims aboard the 217 bus. After a four-year hiatus, season five finally premiered this year, leaving audiences with much catching up to do.

#3 The Responder

Martin Freeman made a commendable attempt at mastering the challenging Scouse accent for his role in The Responder. The series, inspired by author and former Liverpool police officer Tony Schumacher’s own experiences, delves into the toll that working the constable night shift takes on Chris Carson (played by Freeman). As both his past and his job start to unravel his home life and mental well-being, Carson finds himself torn between conflicting loyalties.

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#4 Extras

Ricky Gervais’s subsequent project after The Office showcases his signature blend of cleverness, sarcasm, and gloom that resonated with audiences. Gervais portrays Andy Millman, a discontented character akin to David Brent, who toils as an actor but is relegated to minor roles. Each episode unfolds with a surprise inclusion of a renowned celebrity, such as David Bowie, Orlando Bloom, or Daniel Radcliffe, hilariously caricaturing themselves.

#5 The North Water

“The North Water” is an intense historical drama adapted from Ian McGuire’s gripping 2016 novel. Brace yourself for jaw-dropping moments, whether you’re familiar with the book or not. Join a disgraced army surgeon on an ill-fated Arctic expedition that spirals into chaos. With outstanding performances from Jack O’Connell, Colin Farrell, Stephen Graham, and Sam Spruell, this riveting tale delves into the lives of two contrasting men aboard a whaling ship.

#6 War and Peace

The TV adaptation of Tolstoy’s epic novel, set in the tumultuous Napoleonic era and the French invasion of Russia, showcases outstanding performances by Paul Dano, Lily James, and James Norton. This six-part series has garnered widespread praise, with The Telegraph listing it as one of the best television adaptations of all time. In fact, it has been hailed as the “greatest TV costume drama of the past decade.”

#7 The Last of Us

The Last of Us emerged amidst a sea of post-apocalyptic dramas and video-game adaptations, capturing attention for more than just its haunting mushroom-headed zombies. Delving into the narrative’s core, the series intertwines profound humanity and raw emotions within its suspenseful survival storyline. At its heart lies the bond between Joel (played by Pedro Pascal), a grieving father, and Ellie (portrayed by Bella Ramsey), the orphaned girl he hesitantly embarks on a cross-country journey to ensure her safety.

#8 The Thick of It

This iconic British political satire revolves around the employees of the fictional Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship. At the heart of the show is the unforgettable character, Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi. Tucker, a fierce spin doctor known for his foul language and temper, is rumored to be based on Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell.

#9 What We Do In The Shadows

The TV series adaptation of Taika Waititi and Bret McKenzie’s hilarious vampire comedy film, known for its distinct humor, revolves around four vampires residing in Staten Island for centuries. These mischievous creatures, led by their dark lord, are reminded of their original mission to conquer the world. Notable actors like Matt Berry from “Toast of London” contribute to the show’s charm.

#10 Happy Valley

Happy Valley, despite its misleading title, is a dark and grim Yorkshire village, tackling heavy themes of suicide, drug addiction, rape, and murder. The story revolves around Sergeant Catherine Cawood, portrayed by Sarah Lancashire, who becomes fixated on apprehending her daughter’s rapist-killer following the tragic loss. We are drawn to Catherine’s resilience, unwavering determination, and slightly rebellious nature, all with a compassionate core. Her bravery even earns her a well-deserved accolade.


All viewers of TV shows are divided into 2 categories: those who watch only one genre and lovers of diversity. Periodically, we move between these categories. In any case, there is something to see on the BBC.

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