Trinidad Valentin Biography and Everything You Need To Know!

All of us have heard about Saweetie. Or at least everyone who keeps up with the rearmost news has heard of her. Saweetie happens to be one of the stylish and most popular rappers of the current generation. While a lot of people know about her songs by heart, they don’t know significant things about the songster herself. Still, or at least everyone enjoys her music; we’re then to tell you all about her If you’re a Saweetie addict. So, keep reading this blog if you want to know further about Saweetie’s family, career, and net worth.

Trinidad Valentin

About Saweetie

She was born in Diamonte Quiava, Valentin Harper. This rapper and tunesmith will be twenty-nine years old in July 2022. The songster grew up in California and still lives there.

Who is Trinidad Valentin?

Saweetie’s parents are Trinidad Valentin and Johnny Harper. According to many sources, she has two siblings, Maya and Milan. Saweetie has undoubtedly a good relationship with her family members, especially her mama, Trinidad Valentin.

In a recent award show, her enthusiasts saw the mother-daughter brace on stage together. And that happened because Trinidad Valentin presented Saweetie with an award. It was a lovely moment for the brace. Neither her fans couldn’t believe that Trinidad was Saweetie’s mama and not her sister. Trinidad looks veritably youthful and in no way looks like she’s forty- six. She’s aging like a fine wine. This got her a lot of respect online. Let’s get to know further about this amazing woman.

Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin

This woman has won a lot of hearts for being a pillar to her daughter Saweetie. Trinidad Valentin is of Philippina- Chinese descent, and Saweetie has formerly mentioned how that’s the reason her mama looks readily youthful.

To speak about her relationship with her daughter, Valentin gave birth to Saweetie when she was quite young. This led to the signer spending the maturity of her life with her grandparents. One frequently thinks that such an arrangement would lead to the child not feeling loved by their mama. But, Trinidad made sure that Saweetie in no way felt unloved. Valentin had to concentrate on her career, to make a life for herself, but she no way forgot to be a present and loving mama.

And not only just concentrated on her career, but she also did it well. Saweetie isn’t the only person in her family who’s successful; her parents had their share of success as well.

Trinidad Valentin Profession

Trinidad Valentin chose to be a model by profession. And this was at a time when it wasn’t too easy to be a well-known model. But she worked hard and did what she wanted to.

As she’s a model, it’s no surprise she’s quite gorgeous and ambitious, standing altitudinous at 5’7 ” with beautiful dark hair.

Among her most popular work, we know that she had appeared in several music vids in the early 200s.

Trinidad Valentin

Trinidad Valentin Family

Trinidad is happily married to her hubby, Johnny Harper. They share three daughters together, Saweetie, Maya, and Milan.

Trinidad Valentin Net Worth

Trinidad Valentin has earned her net worth substantially from modeling. And she still is. The woman is hardworking and excellent at what she does. Her net worth as of 2022 is roughly $900.00.

Johnny Harper

Johnny Harper used to be a popular footballer for the San Jose State platoon. The former athlete is married to Trinidad Valentin and has three daughters with her, including Saweetie. Also, he happens to be the son of William Harper, a reputed footballer.

Saweetie Career

Saweetie has been interested in music since she was a child. She started her musical trip by posting short vids of her raps on social media originally. This happened for a few years until 2017, when she released Icy Girl 2017. This caught the attention of a music patron, and he decided to become her manager. And therefore started Saweetie’s career in music.

Her first song, Icy Girl, has entered over 100 million views on YouTube. Standing in 2022, Saweetie has had multiple successes like My Type and Tap in. The rapper has also banded with numerous artists. A notable one was with Doja Cat in the song ‘ Stylish Friend. ‘ It came to an absolute trend when people started posting vids of them dancing to this song with their best buddies.

Saweetie is also an entrepreneur. She has her own jewelry line with PrettyLittleThing. Along with that, she also has her makeup line in cooperation with Morphe.

The rapper also happens to be a digital media sensation. Her 13.1 million followers on her Instagram account, @saweetie, is evidence that she has indeed made it. As a celebrity, she collaborates with brands and promotes them on her account.

SAWEETIE Connections

Saweetie and American rapper, Quavo dated three times before calling it quit in 2021. Also, there have been rumors about Saweetie’s dating life. But Saweetie has crushed those rumors by saying she’s single.


The American artist and entrepreneur earn her net worth substantially from the music she makes and her businesses? It’s no surprise that her net worth is in the millions, given the top chart music she produces. Also, her jewelry and makeup line make a good amount due to its good quality. Saweetie has an emotional net worth of $4 million.

Final Thoughts

This is where we end our blog about Saweetie. We hope you have discovered new information and new facts about her and also facts about her parents. Saweetie comes from a very talented family and has achieved a lot. She’s gorgeous, thanks to her mama  Trinidad Valentin, and has come to a global music sensation. Check out her music if you still haven’t, and enjoy. Happy streaming! Let us know your view on this blog and your view on her music.

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