Various Sustainable Ways Of Using Bulk T-shirt Rags

Do you have holey and ragged t-shirts lying in the closet, but you cannot bear to throw them away?

Well, instead of discarding them, you can upcycle them! Since minimalism is rising, decluttering has become the rage. Instead of buying separate cloth for cleaning or making toys for pets, your old, worn-out tee comes to the rescue. So, let’s discuss the various sustainable ways of using old bulk t-shirt rags.

Turn it into a Cleaning Cloth

The most typical approach to using an old t-shirt is turning it into a cleaning cloth. These rags are also used to clean across the mechanical, electronics, and food industries. From wiping a car’s interior to the kitchen countertops, these items are perfect for cleaning spills and stains.

Rags are the most suitable material for making towels used by children during summer for wiping off sweat.

Turn it into a Comfy House

If you love cats, it is the most sustainable way to upcycle a ragged tee you have no intention of putting on. But also don’t want to dispose of it.

Instead of spending hundreds of bucks on a cat house, you can use an old cloth. It is much better than a cardboard box your cat already lives in, and you can also change the T-shirt if you get bored. Pets like feeling closer to their owner when not around, and what better way to make up for your absence than using your old item?

Get it Framed!

Are you too attached to your old T-shirt?

Maybe it is from your first concert, first date, your football team’s old logo, or a college favorite from decades ago. Whatever the reason, we love materialistic things as they remind us of nostalgic moments, and sometimes we cannot bear to throw them away.

If you also have memories attached to your old tee, why not pin it on the wall? Instead of spending heavy bucks decorating the bare wall, give it a refreshing and antique look by framing your favorite band tee!

Create Totes Out of the Rags

Gone are the times when people only utilized old denim as totes. Well, now you may use an old graphic tee to make totes as they are cuter, good for the climate, and make heads turn when you carry them.

You can watch videos on YouTube to understand how to turn a ragged t-shirt into a tote.

Turn it into a Dog or Cat Toy

Cut your ragged tee into strips and create a knitted toy to play tug-of-war with your furry friend when bored. You may also attach the cloth strips to a pole to tease your cat.

Wrapping Up

Instead of selling or throwing away an old tee, there are various sustainable ways to use it. We hope these suggestions give you a fair idea of what to do with these worn-out items.

As our generation is moving towards a sustainable tomorrow, we should use our old garments more judiciously! 

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