Why any van owner needs to install an invisible immobiliser

For anyone in business, their tools are an absolute necessity, providing the key to them being able to perform their tasks to the best possible standard. They need to be looked after, as their loss or damage will undoubtedly lead to a lesser performance leading to financial penalties.

Many include a vehicle among their list of tools, with it being essential to transport them or provide a service to others. Losing a car or van is a nightmare that can disable a small business’s operations. Therefore, installing Car Key Solutions’ van immobiliser should be a number one priority.

The immobiliser offers excellent value for money, as the chances of it being stolen fall dramatically. This proves to be even more invaluable if a van transports valuable tools and equipment. It is a system that works cleverly by allowing the owner to use buttons and controls already inside the vehicle, such as its steering wheel or door panel, to use a PIN code of up to 20 digits. It links to the wiring inside the van and because no keys or LED indications are required, it makes the immoboliser invisible. The PIN must be entered before the van can be driven.

iPhones can be paired to allow a single authorised connection, unique to each system, allowing the driver to start up and get away without having to enter a pin. It can leave owners to look at how to identify and reduce risks through business risk management. Should the van be treated to a service or valet PIN would not be compromised.

No radio frequency signals are emitted, making the system even harder to detect and offer an additional safeguard with the on-board CAN data network doing the work in the background. Even if the van is towed away for whatever reason, thieves would still be unable to drive it.

By having the immobiliser fitted by a team offering a record of satisfaction to many customers, guarantees that your system will be fitted promptly, offering immediate satisfaction and a professional and friendly service. The installation will allow for a perfect work fun activity to be enjoyed knowing the van is safe from being stolen, wherever it is parked.

Installing a van immobiliser could well prove to be the best bit of business a van owner does, as they know that their vehicle is safe from being targeted by thieves through its invisibility.


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