How do I know if I should hire a civil attorney?

A civil attorney is an attorney who practices law which does not deal with the criminal element. They may handle all matters of business litigation and transactional law in addition to other common practice areas. Many civil attorneys, like Dunn Sheehan, handle business litigation as well as product liability cases and catastrophic injuries. 

There are many instances which may leave you searching for a civil attorney near me but it’s important to find an attorney who specializes in your specific type of case. Some civil attorneys may not handle catastrophic injury cases and so on. Each civil attorney specializes in specific areas of interest according to their preference and experience. 

Here are some scenarios where you may need to search for a “civil attorney near me.”

Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries involve serious personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing. There are many different types of catastrophic injuries that can leave you searching for the best “civil attorney near me.” Victims of large trucking accidents or accidents with commercial vehicles need proper representation from an experienced “civil attorney near me.” Someone who has suffered an oil field or oil rig accident or even a traumatic brain injury can also benefit from the services of a great civil attorney. 

Product Liability

The most popular type of product liability cases handled by civil attorneys include adverse drug events and reactions. Each year over 100,000 people die in hospitals due to adverse reactions to administered prescription drugs. These are cases where the drugs have been administered according to a doctor’s instructions, exactly like they were supposed to be. Since only hospital deaths are recorded, the real number of serious adverse reactions is surely much higher. If you or a family member have suffered serious adverse reactions or fatality due to prescription medication, you may want to search for a great “civil attorney near me.”

Business Litigation

Business litigation law encompasses a wide variety of cases. Whistleblowers need representation along with business real estate transactions. Disputes involving shareholders or legal rights require the best “civil attorney near me” along with oil and gas claims. Sophisticated construction litigation requires adequate counsel for long-term growth and high dollar commercial litigation commands an experienced civil attorney with courtroom experience. 

Transactional Law

A comprehensive system of complex rules and regulations involving businesses, corporations, and government entities makes up transactional law. A civil attorney near me like Dunn Sheehan may aid in creating or dissolving a new business, collecting debts and judgments, or even offering counsel and se4rvices to minimize potential tax debts. Any transaction involving another business may benefit from the counsel or services of a civil attorney near me.  

Civil Attorney Near Me

Searching for a civil attorney near me can be a bit of an arduous task if you aren’t already familiar with the best in the business. Be sure to ask about their specialty, success rate, and litigation experience before choosing to partner with a civil attorney near me. The best civil attorney near me may handle a broad range of special interests unrelated to criminal law. If you find yourself in need of representation for a case involving product liability, catastrophic injury, business or transactional law, then partner with the best civil attorney near me who will represent your interests and fight for your rights.  

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