How to Design Your Brand Logos Online?

A logo is a symbolic representation of a brand. It creates the first impression in the viewers’ minds about a brand. It shows a business’s professionalism and attention to branding. That’s the case as it describes that a company has put thoughts and efforts into its branding to build customer trust. 

Moreover, a logo design is crucial for a brand’s marketing strategy because it gets used on various marketing fronts, such as business cards, social media profiles, and your website.

Therefore, a logo design serves as the face of a company which helps it stand out in a crowded market to communicate its values effectively, which helps people in getting associated with a brand. That’s why you should draft an attractive logo design to get people’s attention, enhance their interest and empower brand awareness. 

Fortunately, the good news is that you can quickly design a logo because it is easier than it used to be due to the availability of mobile apps. That means you can use various logo maker applications in the market to craft imperious logos within minutes. 

Let’s discuss some of them below.

Best Applications to Design Logos

Mobile apps have made logo design easier because you don’t have to create anything from scratch. Instead, there are pre-made templates available that can be tweaked to get personalized logos. So, it does not take too long; thus, you successfully prepare logos in no time. Below are the most amazing apps you can use to create spectacular logo designs.

1. Logo Maker: Logo Design App

Developed by Content Arcade, this is a one-step-solution logo creator to design a logo to create your identity. With almost 10000+ logo templates and elements, you can draft logos related to every business niche, including fashion, photography, esports, and cars, that resonate with your brand and values. 

In addition, this logo maker free application consists of all the features you need to make your logo inspiring, from background adjustment and 3D style to shape customization and many more. 

Moreover, you can add multiple elements to your logos to customize them, including text, shapes, stickers, icons, and much more. With that, you can resize your selected logo template to get a logo in a size that seems best to you. Furthermore, you can get your hands on other design features such as thumbnail designs, flyers, business cards, and invitations, which is a superb value addition.

2. Logo Maker: 3D Logo Designer

Using this logo maker app by QuantumDeveloperx, you can create a logo like a professional designer for any business. In addition, you can create promotional posters, advertisements, offer announcements, cover photos, newsletters, and other branding material for your shop, restaurant, and social sites. 

Moreover, it facilitates the users with professional photo editing and text editing tools such as font, flips, rotates, resizes, colour, and more to create original logos. With this logo design app, you can crop your images in various shapes and add multiple layers to them to add an artistic and professional touch to your logos. 

Furthermore, you can create different varieties of logos, such as vintage, watercolour, retro style, abstract, and many more.

3. Logo Maker and Logo Creator

This logo maker app is made by splaish. It has almost 5000+ logo templates you can use to free logos for your brand. Using this app, you can design logos for gaming, YouTube, clothes, and even TikTok yourself. 

You can also create logo animations to save them directly to your device. In addition, you can save your designs in the drafts folder and edit them as per your ease later on because sometimes your creative juice might run short. Therefore, you have to take a break to finish the task. Moreover, you can have logo designs with tag lines with this app which makes it different from other programs. Furthermore, you can redo and undo many editing steps, so you don’t have to start anything from zero.

4. Logo Maker- Graphic Design, Gen

This is another outstanding logo maker created by AR Tech to draft business logos, advertising logos, social media marketing logos, and graphic design. In addition, this app can come handy if you want company letterheads and trademarks. With that, you can effortlessly create symbols, emblems, banners, and thumbnails and enjoy sticker maker services. Moreover, you can get slogan generators, monogram makers, and creators for cool logo ideas. 

Furthermore, this app is also loaded with 3D icons and shapes which can be used to draft 3D logos. When it comes to features, it has the best ones second to none as it provides tons of categorized arts, a massive collection of graphic elements, multiple backgrounds, textures, colours, and professional photo editing and text editing tools to generate something more than a logo to influence your potential customers.


These are the top applications to create your brand logos online. They all have unique and imperious features that can make your logos striking. We hope that these apps will help you a lot.

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