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If we start talking about internet sensations, the list will be endless. There are way too many people who have made it on social media. And contrary to popular belief, the job isn’t as easy as it looks. It would be best if you were consistent, hardworking and always on-trend. Relevance is a key factor in this field.

Jayda Wayda is such a sensation who has made her name on the internet. And she’s more than just another influencer or model. This woman has achieved great heights in a short time. She might be young, but she’s smart and ambitious. Want to know more about her? Then keep reading!

jayda wayda

Jayda Wayda Bio

Popularly known as Jayda Wayda, this internet star’s real name is Jayda Cheaves. Unlike a lot of other famous personalities, we do not know much about her parents. The only public information regarding her parents is that her mother is Tricia Cheaves. Nothing about her father is known or if she has siblings. And we know that she has a stepfather, but his name is unknown. But nothing is known about her family in much detail. While fans wish they knew more about her, we have to admit that she has done a great job at keeping her family information private. Internet stars often get dragged into controversies, and it is better if their families are kept out of it.

We are unaware of her birthdate, but according to sources, she’s twenty-four years of age as of 2022. And she was born in Savanah, Georgia, America.

jayda wayda

Jayda Wayda Career

Jayda has a very versatile professional life. And we cannot just talk about one thing if we talk about her career.

She started her career with a YouTube channel about four years ago, in 2018. And that luckily worked out very well for her. Her videos usually consisted of vlogs she made regarding days of her life. She started by making very interesting videos of her traveling to various places. Besides, Jayda loves fashion, and it is clear from the haul videos she has on her YouTube. Also, she really let her subscribers have a look at her personal life as she used to post videos of important events in her life.

In an interview, Jayda had said that she had been an entrepreneur since a young age. And that way, before she caught real fame, she had earned a lot from her business. The date is unclear, but Jayda started a hair business where she sold wigs and other necessary hair accessories. And this business was very successful. So successful that she earned I’m millions.

She did get an extra boost of fame when she started dating the rapper Lil Baby. Jayda was already popular due to her YouTube and hair business. But dating the popular rapper made her even more popular. People loved the couple, and fans shipped them. Even after their break-up, Jayda stayed relevant on the internet.

Jada and Lil Baby, aka Dominique Armani Jones’ on and off the relationship, kept her pretty much under the spotlight. But Jayda didn’t become popular for just that. She started her own clothing business, another step for the young entrepreneur. Jayda decided to name her clothing business, Waydamin. And currently, she earns a heavy amount of money from the two businesses she started.

Not only on YouTube, but Jayda also made her name on Instagram. As of June 2022, she has 7.2 million followers on her Instagram account, @jaydacheaves. Not only her personal account but even her clothing brand account also has 451k followers. Like many social media stars, Jayda earns from brand deals and modeling for various photoshoots. Besides, she’s a brand ambassador for the very famous clothing brand, PrettyLittleThing.

jayda wayda

Jayda Wayda Family and relationship

We might not know much about her parents, but we know that she has a son. Jayda Wayda has a son with Lil Baby. She realized to be pregnant after their first breakup. This led them to get back together. Initially, fans thought that was it, they were back together for the long haul. But unfortunately, they have been an on-and-off couple. Despite their tumultuous relationship as partners, they are dedicated parents. They know how to keep their personal issues aside and raise their son. Jayda and Dominique have both said that their son is their first priority, and so their relationship status really does not matter. In recent news, Jayda is single and has said that it is a very new experience for her.


Jayda Wayda Net Worth

Prepared to be shocked because this entrepreneur has really reached the peak at the young age of twenty-four. She has a net worth higher than most people there. Jayda has made her place on the internet as a model, influencer, and internet sensation very quickly. She has utilized her talents and ideas to come this far. And hence her net earth of $6 million to $7 million is well deserving.


Jada Wayda Recent news

Recently, she did an interview with Revolt where she opened up about her life and businesses. Jayda told the interviewers about how when she was fifteen when she came up with the idea of converting her thousands of “followers into dollars.” That’s how being an influencer started for her. Jayda spoke candidly about how her stepfather inspired her to become an entrepreneur. Moreover, she also opened up about the realities of running a business.

jayda wayda

Final Thoughts

This is where we will end our article about Jayda Wayda. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new about her. Check her out on social media platforms to stay updated about her. Do let us know what you thought of this article in the comments below.

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