King Von Age: What Would The Young Rapper’s Age Be?

Raps have become one of the most popular kinds of music. We love to listen to them whether they are in songs or just by themselves. And we tend to be huge fans of rappers as well. But do we really know them well? Most of the time, we just listen to their music but barely know anything about them. If you are somebody who wants to know about rappers and their lives beyond their music, keep reading.

Almost anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows King Von. He was one of the most aspiring American rappers of his generation. It is said that he passed away before he could get his much-deserved success. But it is also important to read about the late artist to understand him and his struggles. So let us tell you about King Von age, King Von early life, King Von career, King Von struggles, King Vin death and King Von net worth.

King Von Age

King Von was born as Davon Daquan Bennett on August 6th, 1994. At the time of his death, King Von age was 26 years. If the rapper hadn’t met with his unfortunate fate so early in life, he would be 28 years of age in 2022.


King Von’s Early Life

Davon was born into a complicated family. He had nine siblings in total from both his parents, Walter E and Taesha. The musician was born in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Parkway Gardens in Chicago. The area was known for gangster activities. Besides, King Von’s own father had been incarcerated multiple times. That caused him to be in and out of jail for years. Hence, King Von did not really have a present father. His mother was the one who raised him. (ambien canadian pharmacy) King Von lost his father at the young age of eleven. Walter E was killed by gunfire.

The unfortunate part is that Davon could not escape the crimes of the place he grew up in. From his teen years until the time he started making music in 2018, he had a troubled life. He started getting involved in criminal activities as well and was in and out of jail multiple times. This happened until 2018.

King Von Age

King Von Career

King Von’s music career started with his single, “Crazy Story” in December 2018. This was after he was signed to the label, Only the Family. His very first single became a hit that made it clear to people how talented he was.

Most of his songs after this hit the charts. Some of the most notable ones are “Crazy Story 2.0” and the third rendition of that. Besides, the single “What it’s like” was a hit too. His debut album, Grandson, Vol 1, was released in 2019 that was no less popular than his other releases. These were followed by more successful releases by King Von. He also worked with a number of renowned artists.

One of his most loved creations was his album, “Welcome to O’Block”, in October 2020. In fact, this was released a week before his death. Fans were just living in the excitement of his new album when they lost their idol.

Even after his death, people released music dedicated to him. Lil Durk, someone who had worked with Von extensively, released the album “The Voice” as a tribute to him. Von appears in the song “Still Trapping” from the album. Moreover, King Von’s management team also released a posthumous album, “What It Means to Be King”, as a tribute.

King Von Age

King Von Struggles

King Vin had moved to Atlanta, Georgia, after his music career started. Von has said in the interviews that the choice was both professional and personal. He chose Atlanta because it had to rap scene in the country. It was the best place for someone like him. But, he was also trying to escape Chicago. King Von was not proud of his past actions in Chicago. He did miss his hometown, but going back could’ve been dangerous for him, given his past.

King Von might have left the gangster life, but he kept making music about it. Many of his songs represented street life and how it really is. And a lot of them also talked about how much he wanted to escape his past mentality. He might have left a life behind, but it still haunted him.

King Von Age

King Von death

The aspiring rapper was killed in by a gunshot on November 6th 2020. According to sources, two parties of men were fighting on the parking lot of a Lounge. And they suddenly started shooting at each other. King Von was shot there. We are not aware of the killer, but sources say that someone responsible was arrested.


King Von net worth

King Von, unfortunately, only had two years in the music industry. But in those two years, he had acquired a lot of success and support from fans. He rose to fame from nothing with just determination and hard work. King Von did not let his past affect the way he was building his future. The man worked very hard, and at the time of his death, his net worth was around $750k. Making that kind of money in just a couple of years is truly impressive. It’s too sad that he passed away without being able to achieve what he could.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of our article about King Von. Hope you have learned something new about King Von age, personal life, career, struggles, death, and net worth. He was an aspiring artist that should’ve had more time. If you wish to know about his music, do check it out.

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