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If you keep up with American reality television, you must have heard about Francie Frane. She is the wife of a famous reality television personality, Duane Chapman. Duane Chapman is a renowned bounty hunter and is popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. But do people really know about his wife? Most don’t. People usually want to know everything about a famous personality but nothing about their spouses or family. But if you are not one of those people, this blog is just the one for you. If you like to read about not only famous people but also their partners and spouses, keep reading.

Francie Frane does not really come from fame. She had a life away from the cameras until she started dating Duane. And this, very little is known about her. But don’t worry, we will tell you all about Francie Frane age, profession, family, and net worth.

francie frane age
Duane Chapman Francie Frane

Francie Frane Age

The exact date of Francie’s birthday is not known but as of 2022, she is he is 51 years of age. She was born in 1970. Nothing else is known about her birth, like her parents or siblings. There must be some personal reasons why Francie has chosen to keep her family information private. And that is not really a surprising thing to do after getting married to somebody as famous as Duane Chapman. The media is always so curious about famous personalities they try to invade their partners’ privacy as well. Given this reality, it is understandable why so little is known about her.

Francie Frane profession

Francie had a love for Ranches since when she was very young. That is why she chose to run a Ranch as a profession. Sources say that she completed her primary education and became a Rancher in Colorado. She has enjoyed her profession for a long time and still going at it.

Francie Frane family

Francie Frane was married to Bob Frane. When they got married is unknown, but they were married till 2018, when Bob, unfortunately, died of cancer. Francie has two children with Bob.

Two years after Bob’s tragic death, she found love again in Duane Chapman. Coincidentally, Duane had also lost his wife, Beth Chapman, to cancer. According to sources, the two understood each other’s pain and struggles. And that is what brought them closer to each other. They fell in love and got engaged in May 2020. The couple then tied the knot in September 2021.

Francie was welcomed into the Chapman family that has Duane’s twelve children. And she has her two children from Bob. So, in short, it’s a big happy family. The couple is now happily living with their family in Colorado.

Francie Frane mostly started appearing on the internet due to her relationship with Duane Chapman. Let’s read s bit about him as well.

Duane Chapman

He is more popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. As the name suggests, he’s a bounty hunter. But he gained more fame as an American television personality.

Duane is sixty-nine years of age. He is from Denver, Colorado, USA. He has twelve children and has been married six times. Duane has even done a show with his now late wife, Beth Chapman. Francie Frane is his sixth spouse, and they look very happy together.

Duane might be a bounty hunter, but he did not really start out like that. He was initially on the other side of the law when he was arrested in 1972 with charges of first-degree murder. And he also served a sentence.

But he soon started Bounty Hunting and became a known face in the media when he captured Andrew Luster, heir of Max Factor. This project in itself was a complicated one, but it still made him popular. Following that, he was seen on the show ‘Take this Job’. And because of his performance on the show and how much people loved his story, the producers decided to make another show. Thus, Dog the Bounty Hunter was started. It was a show that would tell Duane’s experiences as a bounty hunter.


There were controversies around Duane several times, and one even led to the show being stopped for a while. But, the cast and crew came back with a new show, ‘Dog and Beth: On the Hunt’.

After that, he has been a part of several spin-offs of ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’. There have also been many allegations about him, all of which he has denied.

Duane’s other works include writing two books. He has written, “You can run but you can’t hide” and also, “Where Mercy Is Shown, Mercy Is Given”. He co-wrote these books with Laura Morton.

In spite of all the controversies, Duane has managed to secure a good life for himself. The man has a net worth of $6 million.

francie frane age

Francie Frane net worth

Francie might not have been in the limelight like Duane, but she has earned it well. She might be a Rancher, but according to sources, she has a total net worth of about $ 1 million.

Final Thoughts

And this is where we will end our blog about Francie Frane. While you might have had an idea about her husband, you probably didn’t know that much about Francie. But we do hope that you have learned about Francie Frane age, profession, family and net worth. She is a passionate and hardworking woman. Francie has found love for the second time, and we only hope that it keeps her happy for the long haul. Tell us what you think of this blog in the comments. And don’t forget to tell us that how the inspiring couple has taught you to think something out of the box.

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