Buster Murdaugh: Why Is He Going Through A Dark Phase In Life?

We often read about murders taking place. Unfortunately, things like this occur but they are very common. People kill their family members without remorse. Such is the case of Alex Murdaugh. Alex is a member of a prominent American legal family in Lowcountry, South Carolina. As of late, he is not known for his legal work, rather he is known to be accused of murdering his wife and son. The case shook the public as the Murdaugh family’s members have consecutively served as District attorneys in charge of prosecuting criminal cases in the state’s 14th circuit district. Surprisingly, a lawyer of such a well-reputed family ended up killing his family members.

While two members of the family are dead while Alex is being held without bond, Buster Murdaugh is leading a difficult life. Buster is the elder son of Alex and his late wife Maggie. He was not a victim of his father’s crimes but he has been severely affected by them. To know more about him and the case, keep reading.

Buster Murdaugh

What is the Murdaugh Family Case?

The Murdaugh family used to be known for their work in the legal field. Alex Murdaugh was also a part of the Peter Murdaugh Parker Eltzroth and Detrick firm. But lately, he has been held without bond as he is accused of murdering his wife, Maggie 52, and their younger son, Paul, 22. Alex reported that on 7th June 2021, he had founded the dead bodies of his wife and son near the dog kennel at his family’s hunting lodge in Islandton, South Carolina. Upon investigation, it was discovered that both the victims had been shot multiple times and with different guns.

After further investigation, all evidence and information proved Alex Murdaugh to be the prime suspect. But he has been pleading not guilty from the beginning and he is still awaiting trial. Besides this, Alex has been under investigation for several crimes that we will talk about in a different section.

How is Buster Murdaugh coping with all of this?

Buster is the older son of Maggie and Alex Murdaugh. He was not killed by his father like his younger brother was, but he is severely affected by all that has happened. Buster Murdaugh was a normal guy who attended the University of Carolina School of Law, worked at his father’s firm, and had a good relationship with his friends. But after the murder of his mother and brother, he is not doing well.

Buster has withdrawn from everything according to people who were close to him and still are. He is not known to talk about what happened either. Buster Murdaugh was the kind of guy who would be a great friend to you and respond soon to your texts and calls. And bow he barely responds to friends and even if he does, it’s a couple of words. He has not visited the hunting lodge where his family was killed ever since the incident went down.

A few of Buster’s friends have mentioned that in the past year, Buster’s body has changed as well. He has gained a lot of weight and it looks like he doesn’t care about it as much. Buster has also become a closed-off person and never talks about the unfortunate incident. He has not even expressed whether he believes his father is guilty. Buster has become the shell of the person he once was.

Whether Alex Murdaugh murdered his son and wife is not known. But we can understand from various reports that Buster Murdaugh is facing the consequences of the crimes committed by someone else. Sadly, a man who used to be so lively and happy has lost his light.

Buster Murdaugh

All the crimes Alex Murdaug is charged with

The murder of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh aren’t the only crimes he’s charged with. There are ninety-seven charges against him that include murder, drugs, and financial fraud. Besides, there are a lot of ongoing investigations about him. If we start listing all the charges against him, it will take you a day to finish reading this article. Hence, we have listed a few to give you an idea about this man not only ruined his family but also other ones.

1. Murder

The first case we will mention in this list is the one of his wife and son. In July 2022, Alex was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime which was the death of Maggie and Paul. He has pleaded not guilty to these charges but will be given trial soon.

2. Murder-for-hire suicide scheme

Alex has three Criminal charges against him for a murder-for-hire suicide scheme to gain insurance money. He hired gunman Curtis Edward Smith to shoot Alex in the head on 4th September 2021 while he was changing a tire on a countryside road.

3. Narcotics Distribution

Alex was indicted on two counts of conspiring to purchase and distribute narcotics. In this case, as well, his accomplice was Curtis Edward Smith. But what made things worse was that he distributed the narcotics using a money-laundering scheme that involved $2.4 million in stolen money.

Other than the crimes he has been charged with, he is being investigated for the killing of Stephen Smith, Gloria Satterfield, and Mallory Beach. Moreover, he is also under investigation for allegations of embezzlement from the dead and assault.

Buster Murdaugh

Conclusive Insights

This is where we will conclude our article on the Murdaugh family case. All evidence point towards Alex Murdaugh being the murderer and we hope Maggie and Paul get the justice they deserve. Among all the charges against his father, Buster Murdaugh ended up being collateral damage ego now has to carry the trauma of losing his family for his whole life. The high possibility of his father being the perpetrator makes the situation much worse.

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