Jordan Mccann Jailed, Life Details & More!

Crime has always been rampant in the world since the beginning of time, but we all have a certain idea in our mind regarding who might be a criminal. Or who has tendencies to do something wrong? It is something very stereotypical of us human beings, but it’s true. British rapper Jordan Mccann jailed for dealing in illegal businesses, is proof that there are many law offenders that we fail to recognize. They exist in our society in plain sight and take part in illegal activities while we think they are completely innocent. Let us learn more about Jordan Mccann jailed and how exactly he went from a rapper to being a prison inmate.

jordan mccann jailed

About Jordan Mccann

Jordan is approximately 25-27 years of age; we aren’t sure of the exact number as his age hasn’t really been made public. He grew up in Salford with his mother and six other siblings. His father had died in prison, which left his mother struggling to make ends meet. Some people also speculate that he gets the urge to commit crimes from his father. But irrespective of having a problematic parent, it is heard that he grew up in a struggling yet somewhat loving home. He is still close with his family in his adult life. The pictures he posts with his family members are proof of that.

However, there are rumors that he, along with his mom and nine others, were involved in ‘gangster’ mob-like activity, but we do not have enough proof as to who was a part of the shooting and who wasn’t to confirm the rumor. Many believe that his mother led him into a life of crime, while others say that his mother was too sick to even think of doing such things.

jordan mccann jailed

Family Details

Jordan’s brother Patrick however, is serving his seventeen years sentence for being a part of a violent shooting. This further shows that Jordan comes from a notorious family. He himself used to get in trouble with the police from an early age and was in and out of prison. But he was very passionate about music. Many believe that because of having a rough childhood, he got closer to music to find an escape. People who usually suffer as children tend to get attached to certain things for comfort, and music seemed to have been his comfort.

Jordan started his music career pretty early, but his first real hit was ‘Lifestyle,’ which he released in 2019. It crossed 1.7 million views. But this wasn’t his first time becoming famous; he was also famous on Instagram with close to 210k followers.

Jordan Mccann crimes

Jordan was in and out of the system from a very young age. When he released Lifestyle, he had just come back from a prison sentence. Possession of cannabis and cocaine is what got Jordan Mccann jailed. Besides finding pounds of drugs, the police also found a phone that had text messages which discussed the dealing of drugs. He was sentenced at Manchester Crown Court.

Jordan served half of his sentence and was released on parole, but he soon messed up again (the details are unknown) and was sent back to jail for another year.

As we have established earlier, Jordan, his brother, and his mother were rumored to have been the face of the violent shooting that had tarnished his and his family’s reputation greatly. His brother is still serving his sentence. But Jordan is yet to be given another sentence.

More About His Crimes

He is infamous for showing scenes with guns and drugs in his videos. A lot of his lyrics are violent, inappropriate, and offensive, further giving him a criminal-like image. Besides, Mccann doesn’t seem to regret any of his crimes and rather boasts about them. (xanax) He often says in his lyrics how he has been dealing drugs for a long time, how he has robbed a lot of people in his town. Also, he has said in his raps that he has been involved in a licensed shooting and attacking people of so-called rival gangs.

Moreover, he speaks about how he has been suffering since he was eleven. We don’t know if it’s a confession or not, but he says to has kidnapped people and even robbed people too early in his life. A few of his videos feature his prison mates as well. Honestly, no one knows if these lyrics were just lyrics or confessions, but the police are even more suspicious of Jordan after he released the videos.

Mccann, however, has been able to make quite some money either from his music or crimes and has a net worth of around $200k to $500k.

Due to his notorious criminal career, he is right now out of prison but not allowed to possess items that can be used to harm a person. The Parole Board is still studying his case and keeping an eye on him. Only when the board no longer considers him a threat to society will he be properly released.

jordan mccann jailed

Final Thoughts

Some people are born criminals, and some are made into criminals. Many believe that Jordan Mccann was born into a problematic family were going to prison wasn’t considered a big deal. Others say that he was conditioned to grow up that way. Illegal activities were normalized to him. Which one of the two is correct is unknown to us, but we know that what he did was wrong. But his determination to work through his struggles and still pursue a career in music is also something noteworthy. We hope you have learned something from this blog and will let us know what you thought about Jordan Mccann in the comments below!

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